About Me

Forty something Australian guy with extroverted personality seeks fellow humans to share the experience of life. I yearn to travel and see as much of this world as I can before I shuffle off.

Often beset by self doubt, the allure of deep, comfortable procrastination and frequently overwhelmed by choice I’m nevertheless trying to pry myself away from my comfort zone. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s like prying a limpet off a rock. All I know is I can’t quiet this desire to do and move and change. 

This blog is about travel but it’s also likely to wander about onto almost any topic (probably coffee a lot), some not suitable for work… unless your work is an oil rig in the PNG jungle (but then I guess you should be focussing on not having your arms ripped off rather than reading my blog so, maybe NSFW there too).

Nice to meet you. 

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