You can’t spell Melbourne without Movida

If you’re in Melbourne you will always be spoiled for choice. I mean there is so much variety and amazing food, drinking and dining I doubt you’d ever find yourself scratching your head wondering what to have.

I try to mix up my choices when I’m in Melbourne but since discovering Movida (and Movida Next Door) a few years ago I almost never leave without coming here.

Movida is quite simply the best Spanish tapas I’ve ever had. The staff are friendly and genuine and the food is ever changing and amazing. Right now they’re doing stuff in cans among other tapas items.

Sounds pretty hipsterish I’m sure but having had the Chiporones (stuffed squid) let me tell you, I couldn’t give a shit if everyone in the place sported a Ned Kelly beard or rode a pushbike that included some hand dyed leather component.  Washed down with a tasty beer, this was the perfect solo Sunday lunch.  I just needed a little sleep under a shady tree afterwards.

Movida is amazing. Come here. Share. You won’t regret it.

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